Asphalt Injection Cover

Asphalt: Injection European Box Art


Asphalt: Injection was released for the PlayStaion Vita on 22nd February 2012 (Europe) making it a launch title. The game was developed by Gameloft and published by Ubisoft (Konami in Japan).

There are 3 main modes in Asphalt: Injection. The first is the "Career" mode, which allows you to unlock tracks, cars and upgrades. "Free Play" allows you to play with previously unlocked vehicles and tracks. The "Multiplayer" in Asphalt: Injection allows you to race against up to 5 other players from around the world. 

The game includes 52 licensed cars, 15 tracks and 20 career classes, with 5 more track variations as you go through the game.


Reviewer Rating Quote
IGN 6/10

'Asphalt Injection is a fun racing game, but it lacks depth, precision, and doesn't push the Playstation Vita to anything resembling its true potential. Asphalt 6 costs 99 cents [69p] in the App Store while Asphalt Injection sports a price tag of $29.99 [£18.50]. At its current tier that's a steep price for a simplistic racing game that only benefits from tighter controls and more processing power without really washing off the sense it's a really polished iPhone game.'

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